Bristol Locarno 3rd August 1982

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Bristol Locarno 3rd August 1982

Post by mcintyrepoet » 29 May 2015, 6:21am

I have had this recording from Gabriele a number of years but only realised when coming round to do the review for this gig for bmc that it was not listed there. Some of you may already have it but if not its here in flac . Sound is a notch better than the best version of the incomplete tape - this one has the second encore including a memorable Pressure Drop.!60pBGLQa!vr09sHNib8PC1p76RAc0UQ

Any problems with the download let me know. Thanks are due to Gabriele and of course the original taper.

The review of the gig is here ... Index.html
If you read it you'll see I rated it pretty highly - be interested in comments, I try to gather as much info as poss on any gig/recording but very conscious reviews are a subjective process - reading back at some old reviews I'm not a little surprised at what I've written!! Graham and I always welcome comments particularly if you were at the gig or know something about it. From the recording and accounts Joe had a Hamburg moment and lost his rag and attacked someone spitting.

Many thanks to I Live By The River for the Concert Vault downloads - lets hope there's more yet from that source


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Re: Bristol Locarno 3rd August 1982

Post by jumeteor » 29 May 2015, 10:29am

Thank you very much. :)

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Re: Bristol Locarno 3rd August 1982

Post by gkbill » 29 May 2015, 7:31pm


Thanks very much!

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Re: Bristol Locarno 3rd August 1982

Post by JohnS » 05 Jun 2015, 8:21pm

Belated thanks for this one! Mick's last UK gig - good to know it's on tape
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Re: Bristol Locarno 3rd August 1982

Post by dave202 » 06 Jun 2015, 11:46am

Thank you for this. Saturday night is sorted, the Dundee's WestFest tomorrow! Does life get better?

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