New shows on Dime

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New shows on Dime

Post by matedog » 23 Jun 2008, 2:14am

There are three new shows on Dime which may have just appeared on the megalist in top mp3 form:
1. 1982-02-01 Tokyo - haven't gotten around to adding it yet. It sucks.
2. 1984-09-07 Rome - not on the megalist (until today that is). It's pretty rough sounding. Was going to say it has to be worse than the one mentioned in BMC, as they rate the sound a 4, but I listened to the preview and it sounds like the same source. It is a bit sped up too.
3. 1985-07-13 Gueno (sp?) - We only had the first half up before and it was sped up. Thanks to the poster, we now have the whole show at the correct speed.
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