Boots Galore - The Request Line

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Re: Boots Galore - The Request Line

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An odd request, as I know there are currently no tapes existing out there of the Sydney shows, but is there anyone with some connections in Australia that could get possibly get a tape? I've always found it insane that out of the 10 nights, with 7 in one city, they played in the country, only 1 show exists from it. It's easily my holy grail for Clash bootlegs, as I really love the Far East tour. It's the band completely at it's hight for me. What is also infuriating about it is that the ABC most likely has a soundboard tape in their vaults that is sitting there collecting dust. I hope someday we're able to hear something from the shows there.

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Re: Boots Galore - The Request Line

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Does anyone have a link to the Columbus 1984 gig? Cheers!

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