Megaupload shut down

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Re: Megaupload shut down

Post by CorwoodRep » 29 May 2012, 1:14am

A torrent site is a depressing solution, because you just know the unpopular torrents will fall off the tracker. All the cool stuff I find on dimeadozen has seeding issues.
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Re: Megaupload shut down

Post by Inder » 29 May 2012, 7:19am

Maybe a bunch of Dropbox accounts?

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Re: Megaupload shut down

Post by Dr. Medulla » 11 Aug 2012, 3:29pm

Apparently megaupload was run by a Bond villain. :rolleyes:
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Re: Megaupload shut down

Post by matedog » 02 Apr 2013, 12:25am

Are there cloud back up drives that I could get and leave them open? Like list the password here and anyone can access it and pull off whatever they want?
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Re: Megaupload shut down

Post by coffeepotman » 03 Apr 2013, 1:17pm

The Primal Scream forum uses the Mega cloud,, and it works quite well for sharing. There is a shared log in and password and it contains live shows and rarities.

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