Strummer interview with Junco Partner?

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Re: Strummer interview with Junco Partner?

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Silent Majority wrote:
Heston wrote:
Silent Majority wrote:I wonder if Strummer really was a Nirvana fan.
Never had Joe down as a Metal fan.
I can certainly believe Joe saying that he liked Nirvana, as it was the kind of thing all established rock acts had to say by unwritten law post Nevermind, or just after Cobain was punctual to his meeting with a shotgun, but I don't really see 'Rape Me' falling in between the usual Strummer playlist of scratchy folk music from the world over and the rock hits of the sixties.
It's no Plastic Bertrand, no. But your point about the obligatory respect paid to Nirvana holds true. I wonder how much of that was a lesson learned for being on the wrong side of punk fifteen years earlier—nothing makes you seem more like a dinosaur by not acknowledging what the edgy kids are into today.
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Re: Strummer interview with Junco Partner?

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I lost this again. I think the interview part of this I don't have either. Don't need it that badly though.

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