Midnight Oil-Best of Both Worlds

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Midnight Oil-Best of Both Worlds

Post by Kory » 05 Oct 2014, 5:48pm

I may have put this in the wrong forum:

Does anyone have this DVD? It's Australian (naturally), but very out of print, and I can't find a torrent of it anywhere. It includes "Oils on the Water," their performance on Goat Island. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Absolutely. Here's another collection of words:

Table salt (spoon hinge)
Octopus (Ukraine)
St. Petersburg (arms)
Ginger beer (cauliflower)
Pat Sajak (PSak)
Lamp post (self evident)
Florida Timeshare (ditto)
Heraclitus (EMI)
Developers (Developers Developers)
Boogie With Your Children

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Re: Midnight Oil-Best of Both Worlds

Post by Marky Dread » 08 Oct 2014, 1:16am


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