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Re: Sex Pistols

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101Walterton wrote:
21 Jul 2020, 6:16pm
tepista wrote:
21 Jul 2020, 5:43pm
101Walterton wrote:
21 Jul 2020, 5:26pm
Marky Dread wrote:
21 Jul 2020, 2:44pm
tepista wrote:
21 Jul 2020, 2:19pm
I heard Silly Thing AND Did You No Wrong on the radio this morning!
Yeah, was it back to back?
Chris Carter did a quick tribute for Paul Cook's birthday, inbetween those two, he played Johnny Thunders' cover of the Shangri-La's "Great Big Kiss", which Cook played on.
Jonesy was a bit slow on his Instagram!!
If details matter, I was actually listing to a stream of Chris Carter's British Invasion, which airs on Saturday. I usually listen to the previous week's show an hour per day when I'm driving to work.
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