Crash & The Crapenters Need Your Help

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Crash & The Crapenters Need Your Help

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Happy Easter all, my band Crash & The Crapenters have got a couple of new singles out dealing with men’s mental health and we are donating proceeds until the end of April to a couple of Australian mental health organisations! Available to buy on iTunes and stream on all platforms, cheers to anyone who checks them out! Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about them!

This is the first of two new singles Crash & The Crapenters are putting out later this week! Over the last couple of years we have been so inspired by the work that is being done when it comes to mental health education and suicide prevention and we want to help in some way, which is why we are releasing this song, and donating profits from all sales till the end of April to Ben Higgs incredible Rise Foundation Australia! We are a do it yourself enterprise though, and there are limitations to what we can achieve on our own, so I’m asking for people’s help...if you dig the track, please share it and tell people what we are trying to do! Let’s bring a bit of PEOPLE POWER to the table, and see what we can achieve!
This is RISE UP!

Suicide is killing way too many people in Australia! Thankfully there are people out there who are absolute warriors for mental health education and suicide prevention, none more so than Sam Webb and his organisation
The work the group has done over the last few years to break down the stigma surrounding opening up and talking about depression and mental health issues is a huge inspiration to Crash & The Crapenters, which is why we’ve written an anthem for them around their motto and will be donating proceeds from all sales for the rest of April to
This is the second of our new singles, “IT AIN’T WEAK TO SPEAK!”

Rise Up / It Ain't Weak to Speak - Single by Crash & the Crapenters ... 1459121793

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