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Don't Let The Hope Close Down

Posted: 18 May 2022, 7:18am
by dave202
I've just heard about the 1984 release 'Don't Let The Hope Close Down,' a various artists effort to support the Hope & Anchor pub in London. I knew about the 'Front Row Festival' double lp, but not this one. Is it any good? Also, is The Pogues track the long version or the album version?

The 17 tracks on the album were all by bands that had played the Hope, namely:
A1 The Vibes The Underestimated Man
A2 The Prisoners Hush
A3 Thee Milkshakes Mona
A4 The Sting-Rays What The New Breed Say
A5 The Screaming Blue Messiahs Tracking The Dog
A6 Robyn Hitchcock Let There Be More Darkness
A7 Serious Drinking Pillars Of Society
A8 Tall Boys Through A Glass
A9 Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs Favorite Things
B1 The Dead Beats Crazy When I Hear That Beat
B2 Roddy Radiation & The Tearjerkers Tears In My Beer
B3 The Blubbery Hellbellies I Don't Wanna Get Thin
B4 The Men They Couldn't Hang Whiskey With Me Giro
B5 Restless Last Chance Baby
B6 Hackney Five O I Feel In Love Last Night
B7 The Pogues The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
B8 Boothill Foottappers Don't Let The Hope Close Down