ROUND 22: Sandinista! - Semi

ROUND 22: Sandinista! - Semi

Poll ended at 30 Apr 2019, 1:06pm

One More Time
Washington Bullets
Charlie Don't Surf
Total votes: 25

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Re: ROUND 22: Sandinista! - Semi

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101Walterton wrote:
29 Apr 2019, 11:03pm
Marky Dread wrote:
29 Apr 2019, 9:32pm
101Walterton wrote:
29 Apr 2019, 6:43pm
Heston wrote:
29 Apr 2019, 6:28pm
Really hard to decide between CDS and WB for the boot but I went with WB. Charlie is just too weirdly wonderful. I still hope against hope that One More Time can win this. It is easily the best song on the album after SAE and Corner Soul.
For me Charlie is STH pt2 and the winner.
How is it part 2 of Straight to Hell? I get the theme for me always think of it as a trilogy with Charlie Don't Surf/Straight to Hell/Sean Flynn. So part 1 for me of that Vietnam thing.

Got the timeline wrong but you get my drift 😉
Just teasing mate. :mrgreen:

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