Final Round 10

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Final Round Death Match - Round 10

Poll ended at 30 Apr 2021, 11:50am

"A Hard Day's Night"
"A Day in the Life"
No votes
"Strawberry Fields Forever"
"Happiness Is a Warm Gun"
"She Loves You"
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Total votes: 13

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Final Round 10

Post by WestwayKid »

Tomorrow Never Knows bounced at the last minute.
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Dr. Medulla
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Re: Final Round 10

Post by Dr. Medulla »

Ah well. I knew it wouldn't win, but it lasted well. Still sticking with AHDN then reassess the field.
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Re: Final Round 10

Post by Mimi »

I can't do this anymore. :twitch:

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Re: Final Round 10

Post by Heston »

That song needs to fuck off pronto.
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Re: Final Round 10

Post by Flex »

Goodnight, sweet prince. You freaked out Don Draper and ended up being too beautiful for this world.

Let's stick a fork in AHDN and move on.
In the words of Jean-Paul Sartre: "Au revoir, gopher."

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Re: Final Round 10

Post by Sparky »

Just bid farewell to AHDN.

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