Happy Birthday JohnS!

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Re: Happy Birthday JohnS!

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JohnS wrote:
17 Nov 2022, 1:23pm
Thank you kindly, peoploids, for your wishes!
Yes, another orbit around the sun and I'm none the wiser. But I'm on a lucky streak today - I went for a swim at my local leisure centre, and found two (TWO!) 20p coins left behind in the coin-operated lockers!
Now if someone could compile some sort of career-encompassing collection of Joe Strummer rarities and outtakes that'd be an even nicer windfall... oh, hang on a minute... :mrgreen:
You rang? Happy birthday mate.
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Re: Happy Birthday JohnS!

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Happy belated Birthday

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Re: Happy Birthday JohnS!

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Happy birthday, I hope it was a good one.

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Re: Happy Birthday JohnS!

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Happy belated John, I trust it was a good one.
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Re: Happy Birthday JohnS!

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Hope that you had a good one!
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Re: Happy Birthday JohnS!

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Thanks again to all. I can't 'deny,' it was a good one :mrgreen:
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