Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School

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Re: Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School

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Zoom question to those experienced (particularly gkbill): I can see the key combination for letting participants "raise their hand" to get the host's attention, but I don't see it as one of the console buttons. Am I missing something? Is there some default setting I have to alter?

Also, again, gkbill, have you used the feature to break people out into discussion groups and, if so, how well does it work? My way of running in-person discussions with classes that are 40–50 people is to first break them into groups of around 7 or so and let them consider a bunch of questions. I rotate around the class, listening in, answering questions, offering new questions. Then after about 45 minutes of that, we all talk as the full class—those same initial questions and then some more. Basically, people who talk in the small groups can get a decent participation mark, with those who continue in the big group can get a perfect score. If we only did the big group version, odds are three-quarters of people wouldn't have a chance (or choose not) to contribute. So if the break into discussion groups feature is workable, I'll do that and emulate the in-person version; otherwise I figure I'll ask people to sign up for tutorials and we won't do the big class discussion, but instead four sections of maybe a dozen students (the latter is certainly more work for me). So I'm curious if you have any experience with the smaller discussion groups option with Zoom.

edit: Never mind re. raising your hand. The Boss found it. I figured it'd be more prominent, but it's tucked into Participants mode.
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