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Post by Marky Dread »

Our good friend Laxman (Phil) has informed me that he recently sadly lost his mother so he's not been posting here for a few days.

Just want to let him know we're thinking of him and sending condolences.

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Re: Laxman

Post by Heston »

Yeah, thoughts going out to Lax at this sad time.
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Re: Laxman

Post by Dr. Medulla »

My deepest sympathies, Phil. Your mother raised a fine son.
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Re: Laxman

Post by Flex »

So sorry to hear about your loss, Laxman. It's important to take the time you need to grieve and whenever you do read this you have my condolences and best wishes out here from Colorado.

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Re: Laxman

Post by revbob »

Take care Laxman, that is a hard loss.

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Re: Laxman

Post by WestwayKid »

Best wishes from Wisconsin. I'm truly sorry to hear about your loss, my friend.
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Silent Majority
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Re: Laxman

Post by Silent Majority »

My condolences, mate, so sorry to hear of this.
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Re: Laxman

Post by Olaf »

Sorry to hear this, Phil. My sincere condolences.

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Re: Laxman

Post by Inder »

So sorry — condolences to Phil and his family.

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Re: Laxman

Post by JennyB »

I'm so sorry to hear that - sending virtual hugs his way.
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Re: Laxman

Post by gkbill »


I'm sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.

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Re: Laxman

Post by JohnS »

Very sorry to read this news. Thanks for letting us know Marky.
Condolences to Phil and his loved ones.
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Re: Laxman

Post by BitterTom »

Sorry to hear mate, thoughts are with you Phil.

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Re: Laxman

Post by 101Walterton »

Sorry to hear that Lax, take care mate.

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Re: Laxman

Post by laxman »

Thank you all so much, that means a lot and brought a tear to my eye. I messaged Marky to let him know but I didn’t expect him to be so kind as to do this for me. Thinking about it now, of course he would, we have an amazing community.

I should add that Deny has been brilliant, he has been helping me out with tips on what to sort out and prioritise on the financials etc plus just been there as support. Truly incredible and I can’t thank him enough, my Dad was stressing about that side of things but now isn’t bothered because he knows we have it all under control.

I will maybe add some details at some point, but I will just say for now that my Dad was a major worry for us after we got the news about Mum, but I think he is going to be OK. Neither my brother nor I slept over last night, at his request, so hopefully another little step forward.

Sorting through papers and old photos etc is quite therapeutic. Last night we found a full album of postcards from WW1 to and from my Grandad. Amazing to see and read.

Finding photos that you haven’t seen for ages is nice. This one made my Dad a bit upset, but in a good way. As he said, she really was beautiful.

I would like to think that my Mum did a great job bringing us up to behave in the right way. Uncle Joe Strummer clearly did a great job on you lot too.

Love to all.

Phil x

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