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Re: A Thanks To IMCT

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BitterTom wrote:
28 Jun 2020, 4:46pm
Thank you for all your kind words, really does means a lot to me. Getting there slowly but surely. The shitty side of my brain decided to take over and feed shit to me to put it bluntly. The result was high(er than normal) anxiety and depression. Had these attacks since I was about 16, thankfully they seem to occur less and less frequently these days and I feel stronger each time a shitty phase passes.

Thank you again for the lovely messages, like I said, this is a great place and I love being a part.
I'm 55 now Tom and I've suffered with depression and anxiety for the best part of my life. Plus being bipolar hasn't helped much. I've no real wise words of wisdom except to say that there will be good times and bad times and that's how this shit goes. You get better at dealing with it as times go by. Always here if mate if needed. Just go easy on yourself.

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Re: A Thanks To IMCT

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Glad to hear you're feeling better, Tom.

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Re: A Thanks To IMCT

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Glad you're feeling better, Tom.

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Re: A Thanks To IMCT

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Dear Tom, the web is full of assholes and between a web asshole and a human asshole it is better the last because at least you can look it in the eyes. Same goes for good people. So if you really want to solve your problems, look around, on the web you can only forget them. Talking about music, however, brings relief.
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