Happy Birthday Kaleb!

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Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Post by matedog »

I hope all is well out in Kaleb-town. May your birthday be an authentic exercise in modernity.
Look, you have to establish context for these things. And I maintain that unless you appreciate the Fall of Constantinople, the Great Fire of London, and Mickey Mantle's fatalist alcoholism, live Freddy makes no sense. If you want to half-ass it, fine, go call Simon Schama to do the appendix.

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Re: Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Post by JennyB »

Happy Birthday, Kaleeb!
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Re: Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Post by Flex »

Enjoy some run down gas stations in Real America, pal!
In the words of Jean-Paul Sartre: "Au revoir, gopher."

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Re: Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Post by Dr. Medulla »

Happy birthday to an esteemed IMCT alum. May you and your ever-changing harem never sober up!
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Re: Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Post by weller259 »

have yourself a happy birthday!
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Re: Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Post by gkbill »


Happy birthday!

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Re: Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Post by revbob »

Happy Birthday

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Re: Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Post by laxman »

Happy birthday, I hope you have a great one.

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