Happy birthday Marky Dread

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Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by Heston »

Have a top day Marky, thanks for all your great remastering work over the years, and generally being an all round top fella.
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by motorsmell »

Go easy, step lightly....get pissed ENJOY!

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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by Dr. Medulla »


Happy birthday, you old coot! It's hard to figure out where to start in expressing what you mean to our community and me as a friend. I've long thought that I don't think anybody cares about this place more than you. And by that I don't mean the astounding generosity in sharing your vast music, accumulated over decades and curated and polished up. But rather your spirit, occasionally feisty but usually enjoying and contributing to our music geekdom. I really do think you get the value of fellowship better than most if not all of us. And in that you sit as an example of how we should conduct ourselves, how we should appreciate what we have. Maybe you're the dad of the community (beyond the groaning puns!). Well, happy birthday, dad—you're the best!
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by revbob »

Happy Birthday Marky hope its a good one. You're a pillar of this community and a fountaim of musical knowledge.

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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by Sparky »

Happy Birthday Marky! It's a real treat to hear the remasters you've so kindly shared with everybody here and I often get a good laugh at the puns & witty comments in your posts.
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by gkbill »

Hello Marky,

Happy birthday! I'll add my thanks as well for all you do - not only your musical contributions but your thoughts and information. You are greatly appreciated!

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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by JohnS »

Happy birthday to the Master of the Remaster, the Shah of Shares, and someone whose musical tastes so eerily match with mine that I think a DNA test might be in order one day.
Have a good one Marky!
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by WestwayKid »

Happy Birthday, Marky!! You truly are our Guru of All Things Music around here. I hope you have a fantastic day!!
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by laxman »

Happy birthday Marky, have a great day, and I can only echo the above comments.

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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by JennyB »

Happy Birthday to one of the kindest, punniest and selfless blokes in all the land. I hope you have a great one, Marky!

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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by Flex »

Happy birthday to, seriously, one of the kindest, most generous and thoughtful people on this website or, as far as I'm aware, anywhere else. People will - quite rightly - give you accolades for all of your wonderful, generous remastering work (including, it has to be noting, sharing previously unreleased material at times). You've kept the flame of the Clash burning bright both for others and certainly within my own heart.

Beyond that, you're a warm, caring, thoughtful and funny person throughout the rest of the forum as well. Whether it be a pun, a word of kindness, or a thoughtful perspective on a political or social issue of the day, you're really an exemplar of How To Be The Best IMCT'er You Can Be. Shocker - it's by being a good person.

You're loved by many, equaled by none. Happy birthday, brother.
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by Silent Majority »

Wishing you the absolute best birthday. A valued family member.
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by weller259 »

Here's wishing you a very happy and healthy birthday, Sir Marky. For everything you do for us all, your generosity and your time, my mere words cannot express my thankfulness. Stay safe, keep rocking, and celebrate to the fullest!
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by Olaf »

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, mate! Hope you have a great one!
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Re: Happy birthday Marky Dread

Post by x3em »

Happy Birthday Marky Dread :)

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