Happy birthday Maj

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Happy birthday Maj

Post by Heston »

Have a good one mate.
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by eumaas »

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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by Olaf »

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, James! Hope you have a good one.
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by white man »

Happy Birthday SM

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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by Mimi »

Have a good day!

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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by Dr. Medulla »


Another year on this planet, another year enriching those with whom you choose to interact. Such a keen and hungry mind with an equally strong desire for expression. Throw in a vital ethical core and, damn, that's the kind of person you seek out. At my best I admire you, at my worst I envy you. Continue to be yourself and follow your restless curiosities and you will prove that life is, indeed, beautiful. Happy birthday, James!
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by revbob »

Happy Birthday my friend.

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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by Sparky »

Have yourself a Happy Birthday sir!
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by gkbill »


Happy birthday!

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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by matedog »

Happy birthday to someone I consider a long time and dear friend.
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by JennyB »

HBM! To expand, happy birthday to one of the finest blokes around.
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by Flex »

Happy birthday to one of the finest fellows I know. Thoughtful, considered, caring and wickedly kind and funny. It's been a pleasure to know you all these years and to be part of your life - and you have certainly enriched my own. I consider you a daily presence in my life whether we speak or not, and I always look forward to our chances to spend time together, virtually or otherwise. Wishing you a very fine birthday, indeed.
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by Spiff »

Happy birthday, maj.

You're a top bloke!
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by weller259 »

Wishing you a very happy birthday!
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Re: Happy birthday Maj

Post by Kory »

Happy birthday there!
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