No, No, Don't Worry. Racism is Pretty Much Over.

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Re: No, No, Don't Worry. Racism is Pretty Much Over.

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matedog wrote:
04 May 2021, 3:10pm
Dr. Medulla wrote:
04 May 2021, 2:41pm
matedog wrote:
04 May 2021, 2:36pm
Dr. Medulla wrote:
30 Apr 2021, 3:34pm
Essay on the creation of whiteness and race more generally: ... erous-idea
Took me awhile to get through, but that was a good read. Unfortunately, I don't see a good way to move beyond the hundreds of years of pseudo-science. I find the genetic comparisons to be a compelling argument (ie lack of genetic differences).
It's a very long game. It won't happen in our lifetime, but if narratives of race can achieve truth over time, they can also be discredited over time. If it's any comfort, a number of precepts of racism—biological racism—have taken major hits since the 1950s. When racism is justified or rationalized, it's now something more akin to culture than biology. Which does demonstrate that these ideas are fluid and can be overcome.
I wonder if 23andme and Ancestry are helping dispel the myth of racial purity. I found out I was 0.6% sub-Saharan African for example. So yeah, I'm not going to go around saying the N word, but it goes to show that even the whitest of whites (ie me) isn't "pure."
I hope it has that effect, while traumatizing a few barrels of bigots along the way. Those ads always show people so happy to find out their genetic ancestry. C'mon, I wanna see the bigot who finds out he's got a lot of Middle Eastern peoples swimming in his DNA and he breaks down sobbing.
Back off, or I'll blow the roof off—with sound!

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