Joe Strummer campfire acoustic guitar

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Joe Strummer campfire acoustic guitar

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Saw this an email from Fender today, new Joe Strummer acoustic guitar model. I'm not really one for "signature" guitars, but neat idea. Also apparently a new Joe Strummer Esquire model coming in 2021, too. ... rom-fender

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Re: Joe Strummer campfire acoustic guitar

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Saw that and thought it was cool. More intrigued by the Joe Esquire though. That'd be the black racing stripe/holiday guitar I assume. Would look pretty nice if that's the direction they go

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Re: Joe Strummer campfire acoustic guitar

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I won't buy it but I definitely like the vibe of the acoustic. Those fender acoustics tend to sound like a tin can, but there's something very Joe to me about a cheap campfire acoustic that anyone can afford. Besides, you really want to play your j-200 in 45 degree weather by a fire?
The esquire is way more intriguing. So long as the finish is done better than the original signature. Man, that's the worst relicing I've ever seen. If it were mine to produce I'd have suggested it be flat black with a silver coat under it and a burst under that, so as it ages honestly it is at least in the spirit of joe's guitar.

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