Junco Partner (Acoustic, 1999)

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Junco Partner
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Re: Junco Partner (Acoustic, 1999)

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Heston wrote:
21 Oct 2022, 5:55pm
Low Down Low wrote:
21 Oct 2022, 5:48pm
msza2 wrote:
21 Oct 2022, 4:47pm
Heston wrote:
21 Oct 2022, 3:56pm
Low Down Low wrote:
21 Oct 2022, 3:07pm

Nice! I think Joe really did love that song and so do I.
I have to say I've never been a big fan of it. The cod Jamaican accent turned me off straight away. I always lose it straight away in a Sandinista trim.
The Clash version is definitely one of his loosest vocals, though it strikes me as being more in the vein of his slurry Right Profile delivery than as cod Jamaican. It's usually one of the last to go on my slim S! mixes more due to balance (too much reggae) than quality. I do like it though.
I definitely get the issue with the accent but i was always ok with it. Or it didn't put me off at least. And while I've never considered it too deeply, I'm a fan of "slurry" Joe. Junco, Right Profile and Lightning Strikes are all vocals i really like, to name just 3.
Strange because I love Joe's vocal on The Right Profile but I think Lightning Strikes and Junco are two of his worst. I sometimes wonder if the former was a major reason for getting his teeth fixed.
A random aside but I was thinking about 'slurry Joe' and both Jimmy Jazz and the Right Profile are peak examples. It caused me to wonder -- do we know if the horns were added to the LC tracks before or after Joe recorded his vocals? If before, then maybe they helped him to loosen up.

I always wished he incorporated horns into more of his later work as they really compliment his natural charisma. Loved the live Armagideon Time and A Message to You, Rudy arrangements with the Mescaleros.

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