F-Punk Remixed

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Re: F-Punk Remixed

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oliver wrote:
28 Jun 2020, 8:20am
Marky Dread wrote:
28 Jun 2020, 4:37am
Not sure who's voice you are referring to mate. But no that would not be possible without the masters.
TBH, it was partially in jest because I know you can only work with what's already out there but I do think I would like the album more if it was Mick singing "Man That is Dynamite" for example or if the intro to "On the 1s and 2s" was removed.
I don't have a problem with the vocals at all. I like them and then when Mick gets on the mike it feels all the more unique. The sample that sounds like a tinny internet rip works in an annoying way and gives more power to the track when it kicks in I think.

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