Any plans?

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Re: Any plans?

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Recently joined Twitter, lot of love for Mick on there. Hope he knows and we are all desperate for something from him to appear

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Re: Any plans?

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On my way to fly back to the US from London for the Acton Town gig on Saturday. I was really hoping Mick would show up so I could cross it off my bucket list, but it didn’t work out (which I totally understand, I knew going into this it'd be long shot). Still had a great time though.

That being said, would love to know if anyones heard any whispers of any upcoming plans. I’d really love to see him one day and it doesn’t seem like there’s any tour plans any time soon. Any other shows he might play at? Appearances? I’m obviously willing to travel but I’d rather do it for something confirmed next time :lol:

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