How's everyone..Heston etc..

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How's everyone..Heston etc..

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Hello all.

Keeping out of trouble...I'm 50 tomorrow...going to the local boozer as has bad on the juke box...cigar and bad in the heated beer garden...Bliss....Anyway I do hope you are all as well as can be expected...Moneys tight for everyone at the minute,Government led bullshit as always...I wonder what Joe Strummer would of thought of the current UK...Not a lot would be my thoughts.....

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Re: How's everyone..Heston etc..

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I'm good mate. Hope you're keeping well and all the best. The heated patio sounds nice...
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Re: How's everyone..Heston etc..

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manchester rocks wrote:
04 Oct 2022, 9:58pm
going to the local boozer as has bad on the juke box
I don't know if this is inflation or me being out-of-touch, probably the latter, but the last place I went to with a jukebox wanted $2 per song or 3 for $5. I was trying to think of 3 *long* songs but I didn't need to hear them that badly. My mistake - it was an evening of southern rock and country.
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