SugarMegs Audio Is Down: Any Idea What Happened?

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SugarMegs Audio Is Down: Any Idea What Happened?

Post by Chairman Ralph » 28 Jul 2016, 6:49pm

I went to check out Sugarmegs last night -- not for the hippie jam band BS that makes up the majority of it, but the punk side, where I've seen lots of stuff that hasn't popped up elsewhere -- and I got one of those big, ugly "not available" responses.

Does anybody out there have an idea what happened? Did Metallica and their ilk get to them with a writ, too, or is the site moving somewhere else, or what? :mrgreen: I'm curious what the deal is, because they've been around a long time, so I can't believe they're going away for good.

....PS: Never mind, they're back up now, so I grabbed a few things this time -- including a jam at CBGB's with Richard Lloyd and Johnny Thunders, doing mostly Rolling Stones covers -- but as one-offs go, I'll take that one, definitely.

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