Metal Urbain Les Hommes Mort sont Dangereux reissue LP

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Metal Urbain Les Hommes Mort sont Dangereux reissue LP

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Hi guys,

Been a while. Trying to get the Seventeen label back in the game. We've found a new sales model which might (or might not) help us get back some of the old catalogue in print. To try it, we've gone back to square one. Metal Urbain. First band on Rough Trade. The true, 76-78 punk pioneers. A lot of fans have asked us to reissue the original Rough Trade release Les Hommes Morts sont Dangereux on vinyl, which been out of print since 2004. If you dig them (check out the video on the page) You can help this reissue to exist, by pre-buying it on ulule site :

You can choose between a red vinyl version, or black vinyl version, one coming with the bonus original single, the other not. Both will feature a bonus CD with all the record tracks on it thought, which you can keep, or give to friends. Remember, you will only be billed if the sales target is reached. So far we are 78%, with 22 commitments to buy to go to make it viable (the more the better.

So if anyone here digs good old 77 style punk rock, thanks if you can help.

Keep rockin'!

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