Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Live at Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 2002

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Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Live at Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 2002

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Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Bringing It All Back Home
Recorded Live at Liquid Room, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, 11 November 2002

01 Shaktar Donetsk 00.00.00 - 00.06.18
02 X-Ray Style 00.06.18 - 00.09.08
03 Rudie Can't Fail 00.09.08 - 00.12.44
04 Bhindi Bhagee 00.12.44 - 00.18.23
05 Tony Adams 00.18.23 - 0.26.13
06 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais 00.26.13 - 00.31.08
07 Mega Bottle Ride 00.31.08 - 00.34.55
08 Get Down Moses 00.34.55 - 00.39.27
09 Police and Thieves 00.39.27 - 00.44.53
10 Cool 'n' Out 00.44.53 - 00.48.57
11 Police On My Back 00.48.57 - 00.53.24
12 Junco Partner 00.53.24 - 00.57.41
13 1969 00.57.41 - 01.02.16
14 Johnny Appleseed 01.02.16 - 01.06.45
15 Coma Girl 01.06.45 - 01.11.36
16 I Fought The Law 01.11.36 - 01.14.20
17 Bankrobber 01.14.20 - 01.21.54
18 White Riot 01.21.54 - 01.25.06

Joe Strummer - Vocals, Guitar
Martin Slattery - Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone
Tymon Dogg - Violin, Keyboards, Spanish Guitar
Luke Bullen - Drums
Simon Stafford - Bass Guitar
Scott Shields - Guitar

This Is The Original 2003 release by Pirate Radio Numero Uno.

The Following is the review from the following day's local Edinburgh Evening News

Tuesday, November 12, 2002 Reviews Edinburgh Evening News

Clash hero Strummer proves spirit of punk is alive and kicking

Smokin' Joe has a white riot in Capital

ROCK: Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, The Liquid Room ***** (Five Stars)

A HERO'S welcome awaited Joe Strummer when he took to the stage, the sort of spontaneous
uproar that speaks volumes about the respect in which he is held in Edinburgh. Such is the regard
the capacity crowd has for the man that he could have turned in a mediocre performance and still
left the stage triumphant. But what ensues is one of the best 90 minutes seen in the Capital since
Hibs hammered Hearts 7-0 in the local derby at Tynecastle on New Year's Day back in 1973.
With a back catalogue that's hard to top and a backing band firing on all cylinders, Strummer can
hardly fail to entertain. His familiar hunched posture and gnarled features are hardly those of a
regular rock 'n' roll frontman, yet somehow he manages to exude an authoritive charisma born
from threee decades without compromise. Rather than the road-weariness you might expect of
such a veteran, Strummer is obviously revelling in one the most fruitful periods of a remarkable
Although the show begins in a subdued manner - with the po-faced tale of asylum-seeker's woe
that is Shaktar Donetsk, followed by the contemplative and life-affirming acoustic number X-Ray
Style - it's evident from the outset that Strummer is in fine form. As the band let loose with a
raucous rendition of the Clash classic Rudie Can't Fail, the tempo begins to increase - yet this is
no mere re-hashing of past glories. The Mescaleros are an impressively solid outfit, drummer Luke
Bullen and bassist Simon Stafford providing the prefect bedrock for guitarists Martin Slattery and
Scott Shields. Strummer's lifelong friend and musical sparring partner Tymon Dogg, adds a new
dimension to the Mescaleros, playing violin as unorthodox fashion and overlaying some tasteful
classical guitar parts that occasionally look out of character with such rabble-rousing music, but
always sound sublime.
It's good to watch such a unified band at work and we're treared to acouple of brand new songs.
Get Down Moses is a sprightly fusion of rockabilly attitude and Strummer's potented Global-a-
Go-Go take on ska, while one of the Clash's earliest forays into reggae, Police and Thieves, is
give an almighty crescendo by this formidable bunch of players. Perhaps the high point of the
night. Police and Thieves illustrates just how comfortable Strummer is with his past, and how
confident he is in the Mescaleros' ability to improve on the old recordings.
Another cover soon follows, this time the Stooges' signature tune 1969 - slightly re-written and
refined, references to the USA changed to "the old UK". Another new number, Coma Girl
confirms that Strummer has hit a rich vein of songwriting form, before he sends the crowd into
pogo-dancing delerium with the typically vivacious take on the Sony Curtis staple, I Fought the
Law. The opening chords and throbbing bass of the reggae-flavoured chestnut Bankrobber spark
a stirring singalong from the crowd, as the decidedly un-rock 'n' roll hour of 10pm approaches
there is time for just one more number. You can almost lip-read as Strummer turns to Shields and
says "White Riot" ...and sheer pandemonium is unleashed as the band pummel through The Clash's
high-octane calling card.
"Thanks for coming out tonight", Strummer says, genuinely grateful for the response of the crowd.
He needn't worry. The Joe Strummer of the late 2002 is every bit as vital, vibrant and unmissable as the
man who fronted The Clash in 1977. The crowds will keep coming out for many years to come.

Simon McKenzie

This Was Joe Strummer's 9th last concert before his untimely death the following month.


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Re: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Live at Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 2002

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Thanks for sharing. Really good quality.

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Re: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Live at Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 2002

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Cheers mate. The last sentence of that review is so sad.

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Re: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Live at Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 2002

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Ah thanks for this. Was there that night and brings back a lot of fond memories.

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Re: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Live at Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 2002

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white man wrote:
28 Feb 2018, 10:15pm
Cheers mate. The last sentence of that review is so sad.
So true, thanks for the yt link

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Re: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Live at Liquid Room, Edinburgh, 2002

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Thanks for sharing this, as I wasn't there. My ex-wife didn't fancy driving the 60 miles there and back and I don't drive. I'm so pissed off with her in many other ways too, but this is in there.

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