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gkbill wrote:
10 Jun 2021, 5:34pm
I don't know what to say about the self-consciousness but the shirt is supposed to work as you've described. It won't weigh a ton by collecting your sweat. That said, you may want to have a towel handy (perhaps under the rower) to collect sweat. I'm more curious to see how you feel tomorrow/after the rowing. The compression gear should aid recovery - maybe not a lot, but somewhat.
Definitely have a towel nearby for my breaks. I'll be definitely observing whether my recovery is any better. One thing about improving my technique on the rower, it takes so much more out of me. I'd like to think that sooner or later my stamina is going to catch up to improved effort, but so far I've been wiped out. Might also be summer related. I'll give it another couple weeks and if there's no improvement, I'll lower the time of my rowing so that I can do more consecutive days.
I've got a soccer camp beginning tomorrow in Chapel Hill, NC. I've been doing this camp for a number of years. It gets so hot I've actually seen a soccer ball burst from the heat on the turf. I will be sweating/rinsing my body from the inside out.
Ugh. I do not miss NC summers. There's a cling to it that is so debilitating.
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