Boots Galore - The Clash MEGALIST (reloaded)

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Re: Boots Galore - The Clash MEGALIST (reloaded)

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The Clash - Wessex Hall, Poole - 10th Feb 1980

Toshiba ghettoblaster >
Transferred with Nakamichi CR-3 to SD722 @24/48
Firewire to MacBook Pro
Wave Editor (Normalise-tracksplits, anything else I could think off to try and make it better)
xAct Flac8
Don’t raise your hopes here, the sound is pretty shit

This gig was sandwiched between to Joy Division gigs, so that combined with the poor sound of the Wessex Hall meant that this tape found itself at the bottom of my tape box pretty quickly.
Thought I better get it out just for the die hards

This is the setlist I had down at the time but I’ve not tagged the songs because there are too many I don’t know. I'm not a big fan

01 Clash City Rockers
02 Brand New Cadillac
03 Safe European Home
04 Jimmy Jazz
05 London Calling
06 Guns of Brixton
07 Protex Blue
08 Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
09 White Man in Hammersmith Palais
10 Koka Kola
11 I Fought the Law
12 Spanish Bombs
13 Capital Radio
14 Stay Free
15 Wrong 'Em Boyo
16 Clampdown
17 Police and Thieves
18 Janie Jones
19 Complete Control
20 Armagideon Time
21 English Civil War
22 Bankrobber
23 Tommy Gun
24 London's Burning ... .21%5D.rar ... uk.786781/

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