So anyone remember inusic? The real old days of this site?

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So anyone remember inusic? The real old days of this site?

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I would live to trace back to the early days and tell the story of how we got to this place.

I mean Imusic was a long time ago with a different set of posters. But that is why we are here today.

Manchester Kev, Shanny, SF, pirate guy,Alan and the other Scottish geezers , Rhythm&Reason, fiona(before she went nutz), MissD, whack, esmark (where he go?) the Canadian crazy one and so many names I forget

Long before Tami and her strummerville idiots came along I ended up marrying one of the original people and moving across the world. I often joke that Joe was invited to our wedding, but seeing as he loved my wife as a friend and told me at that last show in Liverpool he needed a date and he would be there, I still think he would have showed up

But back in the 90’s we had i music and a weird Sony Clash
clash site.

Oh yeah we had Satch, before he was weird and gun crazy. and when he was just about making music.

Anyway this Clash/Strummer/Mick life has lost a lot of good people over the years (Dodger- Nick Hawkins a true friend to me and my wife) and despite it all ai can’t ever truly walk away.

Over/Under on when the only new poster since I walked away @bittertom hates me like most of you lot do?

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